SFBD Special E-News – Featuring Artist Gordon Skalleberg

CAPTIVATING CLIENT//Artist, Gordon Skalleberg


Santa Fe By Design had the privilege to partner with international artist Gordon Skalleberg on the design of his Santa Fe studio. This was an inspirational space for us to work in to say the least! Not to mention that Gordon was a wonderful client to work with. This combination made the project unforgettable for everyone here at Santa Fe By Design.

The client wanted fixtures that would compliment his unique and gorgeous custom cabinets in both the kitchen and bath. Santa Fe By Design decided to go with modern, understated but beautifully designed kitchen and bath fixtures. Some of the more notable brands include a WATERSTONE faucet in the kitchen, we picked a sleek VOLA faucet for the bathroom, a CATALANO bathroom sink + toilet, and with CALIFORNIA FAUCETS finishing off the shower beautifully.

The end result is one we are proud of and most importantly we had a satisfied customer!

About Gordon Skalleberg:

“My name is Gordon, I am an artist. I mostly paint on plywood, using oil colors and lots of linseed oil. I am fascinated by eyes, faces, people, but I am also doing more landscapes and lately abstract work. I love letting the wooden grain be part of my work. Since the beginning of painting, I have been fascinated by eyes and faces. I normally paint real people, but my paintings are not portraits, not as far as I am concerned. I am intrigued by the mystical depth in an eye ? the pupil being like a black hole in outer space. It keeps receiving information that is stored inside a person as fragments and experiences. It makes each person unique and sovereign. Nobody knows what is hidden in another person. The realisation of this makes me understand that I can’t judge or evaluate any person. Not even my wife or my children, my parents or my brother. And no-one else.

Recently I have worked with laser cut steel sculpture and I started making ‘lines paintings’ on plywood.”

To learn more, go to www.gordonskalleberg.com.


June 16-25 – Canstruction Santa Fe
June 21 – STIM Talk
June 22 – AIA U Presentation
June 29 – STIM Talk
June 21 – Remodelers Council Lunch
June 28 – Green Building Council Lunch

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