January 2015 Newsletter

January 2015

Happy New Year!

The Holidays seemed like a blur to us, and now January is almost over too. Well, before it’s over, we wanted to send you all wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Our team is gearing up for many new and exciting products and brands to be featured in the showroom this year. This season alone we have a few that we have fallen in love with, and one of which is featured below in this month’s newsletter. Take a peek below and click on the links to see more on the brand and the line.

Also, speaking of “team,” ours is truly amazing. We want to occasionally sing their praises here and give you a chance to learn more about the people you will interact with when you work with us and visit our showroom. This month we are featuring the bright Sarah Canny. Read more about her and then stop in the showroom to really witness Sarah’s expertise and skills.

2014 was a fantastic year for us all at Santa Fe By Design, mostly because of all of you. This year, we look forward to continuing our work and sharing our passions with this community. Thank you for your support!

See you soon,
Bob + Kathy


Sarah Canny – Sales

Sarah Canny brings a fresh quality and aesthetic to our team line up. Her passion for educating and helping clients is impressive and our clients really appreciate it too! One of the reasons she excels at her job is due to her extensive and in-depth knowledge of the over 150 product lines that are offered here at Santa Fe By Design. Her knowledge is then applied to help clients find the right product that fits their project and their budget. Sarah is a creative and energetic sales professional with 10 years experience managing clients and accounts. Whether a clients is building or remodeling, Sarah has the expertise, education, and the customer service skills to help clients achieve exactly what they need.

To be in touch with Sarah:
email: sarah@santafebydesign.com
phone: 505-984-4111 ext. 111


New: VOLA at Santa Fe By Design on February 16.

VOLA is manufactured by VOLA A/S a well established Danish company founded in 1873, owned and run by the Overgaard family.

Shortly after Arne Jacobsen won a competition in 1961 for his design of the National Bank of Denmark he was contacted by the owner of VOLA A/S, Verner Overgaard who introduced his proposal for a new type of wall-mounted mixer tap. He imagined a design where all the mechanical parts of the mixer are hidden leaving only the handles and spout exposed. At the time this was a completely new concept, but Jacobsen realized that this idea combined with his functional approach to design could be developed. With that basic principle in mind, it was conceived the simple and concise VOLA design that we know today was conceived.

The display will be ready on February 16. Come by the showroom at 1512 Pacheco Street, visit us and check out this beautiful display.

To learn more about VOLA home fashions, visit their website: www.vola.com