Inspiration for Iconic Bathroom Design

Inspiration for Iconic Bathroom Design

The Award Winning Designs of VOLA

VOLA is perfect Scandinavian craftsmanship manufactured from the finest materials. For over 5 decades, VOLA has epitomized the enduring power of craft, style, sustainability and honest materials. Get to know more about their iconic designs.


VOLA only uses the finest quality materials to guarantee luxurious products. Many of their tubs are described as being made of “Silk”, which is a stone composite, solid-surface material made in a matte or glossy gel-coat finish. Tub designs also feature a comfortable, contour design.


The VOLA line of products not only boasts elegance but also provides designers and homeowners the satisfaction of knowing they are choosing a company that values water conservation and consumer safety. By adding small flow regulators, the flow of the VOLA taps and mixers can easily be reduced. Shower heads are built with thermostatic mixing valves which can ensure that water is delivered at the required temperature, thereby reducing the risk of scalding accidents. Mixing valves also reduce hot water consumption from a supply that is maintained at a higher temperature.


It takes years of training and experience to be able to bend a spout in the perfect VOLA way, to produce perfect soldering and to create a perfect surface. VOLA is Scandinavian craftsmanship supported by the latest technology and actively develops their position as an exclusive design brand, representing the best of Scandinavian design. VOLA values preservation of resources such as energy and water while respecting design heritage. Even revolutionary design can benefit from technology led evolution.

VOLA Philosophy:

Celebrating continuity
Celebrating change

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