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Bringing socially responsible water filtration and treatment solutions into the home.

01 Big Blue

You can buy a filter or you can be a filter….but you will filter your water. When you change this filter once a year, and look at it, you will be very happy you have it.

02 Whole House Carbon Filtration

Whole House Carbon Water Filters are installed at your main service line and filters every drop of water as it enters your house. You drink, shower, and cook without the chlorine and VOC’s that are in municipal water – yet the essential natural minerals remain in the water. Your family and pets deserve the best water.

03 HydroFLOW

Designed for ease of installation, the unit is simply built around the pipe and connected via the power supply unit. HydroFlow provides a chemical-free solution for the harmful effects of limescale, corrosion, bacteria, and algae.

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New Water Innovations of Santa Fe, New Mexico provides environmentally responsible solutions to the many water quality issues that face us all today. NWI is at the forefront of providing economical and effective solutions to all clients who care not only about water quality but also its preservation.

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