Twisted Smith Hardware

Twisted Smith Hardware


Blacksmith inspired knobs and pulls for your kitchen cabinets and doors.

Every one of our knobs and pulls is hand forged. Molds are made from these originals and then cast in pewter. Finally they can be plated with bronze or other metals for a finish. Every cast piece looks as detailed and unique as the original.

Mark Petry founded the business in 2007. Blacksmithing has been his business and his passion for over twenty years. The name of the business was changed from Colorado Specialty Hardware to Twisted Smith Hardware in 2012 because it sounded a little less formal and a touch quirky, like the "smith" behind the anvil.


  • Knobs
  • Small Pulls
  • Large Pulls
  • Hooks and other miscellaneous products

Specification Sheets Available at Showroom

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