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ThermaSol - Steam Shower Accessories



Serenity Light and Music System is a self contained, shower proof, compact 10" diameter module that produces high-intensity full spectrum light and sound for the most relaxing chromatherapy experience, with the new Voice Response Feedback.


Light and Music Control:

  • System can be controlled by either the Temp-Touch or Signature Series line of controls and optional remote control. Remote can be added after installation.

The Light:

  • The full spectrum of red, blue and green is at your fingertips
  • Infinitely adjustable light spectrum for soothing shade of color for home chromatherapy
  • Provides white light that can be adjusted to your liking
  • Mood Light Mode automatically generates a soothing spectrum of gradual change
  • ThermaSol's light system uses the latest in high intensity LED design
  • Light system is self contained within the single light and sound module
  • Full spectrum light generation from 18 ultra high intensity LED light generators

The Music:

  • Self-amplified multi-channel system
  • Built-in FM receiver and two additional input source interfaces
  • Input a portable CD, DVD, TV, satellite radio, MP3 and cable box compatibility etc.
  • Bluetooth Compatible, wirelessly play your favorite playlist to the Serenity Light and Music System from your Bluetooth enabled device. (post June-2011)

Remote Control:

  • Optional remote control available to enhance the entire steam, light and sound shower environment. (From your total system, make your selection and ThermaSol's virtual spa attendant confirms your selection via voice response).

The Voice Response:

  • With the Serenity system, your control inputs are automated through the music speakers. For example, press the steam button and hear, "steam session beginning, please sit down." There are many audible responses included in the system. Voice response can be turned off for total silence if desired.


Waterproof Speaker System

  • Approved for In-Shower use, set includes two decorative 4 inch, full range showerproof speakers

In-Shower Lights

  • LED Light; 450 Lumens; 120v at light; ULapproved; For use in Steam Rooms



PC = Polished Chrome; SC = Satin Chrome; PB = Polished Brass; SB = Satin Brass; AB = Antique Brass; COP = Polished Copper; ACOP = Antique Copper; PN = Polished Nickel; SN = Satin Nickel; BN = Black Nickel; AN = Antique Nickel; PG = Polished Gold; ORB = Oil Rubbed Bronze; WHT = White

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