Hacienda Ironcraft


Our mission at Trapper Peak Forge is to create quality, hand-forged wrought iron Architectural hardware made in Montana, as well as providing "living wage jobs" in a rural workplace. We aspire to carry a reputation for developing custom handmade hardware made in the United States and delivered on time at a fair price.

The ring of the hammer on the anvil, the glow of superheated iron as the smith draws it from the forge-- the artists and craftsmen at Trapper Peak Forge create hardware of distinction- no two pieces are ever exactly alike. Originally produced in 1994 as Hacienda Iron Craft, Trapper Peak Forge now produces a wide range of hardware products and design styles with the option to work directly with the owners and craftsmen at Trapper Peak Forge to design a look that is truly unique. Our artists and craftsmen welcome a challenge.

Trapper Peak Forge, Inc manufactures wrought iron Door, Cabinet and Bath Decorative Hardware in the USA. For builders, home owners and designers he have a style for you from Rustic to Modern. In nine finishes Black, Pewter, Rust, Forged Natural, Forged Oil Rubbed Bronze, Forged Rust, Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Bees Wax and Fire Blue. Trapper Peak Forge, Inc hand forged iron bath and cabinet hardware made in the USA. Trapper Peak Forge, Inc. Wrought iron door hardware.

Before Trapper Peak Forge, there was Hacienda Iron. This series pays homage to our strong roots. The versatile components can be assembled in an infinite number of combinations.


  • Hacienda Door Hardware
  • Hacienda Cabinet Pulls and Knobs
  • Hacienda Bath Hardware


Finish Options:

  • Beeswax Finish
  • Black Finish
  • Dark Bronze Finish
  • Fire Blue Finish
  • Forged Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
  • Forged Natural Finish
  • Forged Rust Finish
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
  • Pewter Finish
  • Rust Finish

Specification Sheets Available at Showroom

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